George Harrison's hands

You can replicate the setup, but not the experience.

over 1 year ago - 1 min read

I once observed a discussion on how to achieve George Harrison’s guitar tone. Some babble about guitars, pickups, amplifiers, strings, cables, mic placement, etc… Then somebody chimed in with, “Oh, and you need George Harrison’s hands.” — This phrase really stuck with me.

Harrison spent decades mastering his craft, years of practice, experimentation, and growth to understand and create music that no one else could. Thinking that you can replicate his setup and sound like George Harrison seems absurd.

I often catch myself thinking that I need the latest gadget or software to improve my craft. When those thoughts appear, I quietly mutter to myself: “George Harrison’s hands.”

Shortcuts are great, but sometimes, you just have to dedicate time and effort in order to improve.


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