My memory is shot

Discovering the link between writing and memory.

2 months ago - 2 min read

At the time of writing this, I'm 42, and I have 3 young kids. They mostly sleep through the night, but this hasn't always been the case. As anyone with small children knows; nights are disrupted, and days become exhausting.

Low quality sleep compounds, night after night, week after week, until you rack up years of it. The effects on your body and mind can't be underestimated.

Don’t get me wrong, children are a joy. I wouldn’t change a thing, but it's a sacrifice for your body and mind.

The part that has affected me most is my short-term memory. "How was your weekend?" someone will ask... “I have no idea” I reply.

I've recommended books to friends but can't remember anything about them, only how enjoyable they were. So, what was the point of reading?

My visual memory is untouched; I remember faces and places without problem, though names often evade me.

But one aspect of my memory that has dodged the bullet is my ability to code. I’ve realised this is most likely because I’m constantly writing and editing when I code. I've come to realise that there’s a symbiotic relationship between writing and thinking that reinforces each other.

In the past few years I've taken to writing things down more. I’m not fully journaling; I’m just writing important things down. Books I've read, movies I've seen, articles, quotes, jokes, etc. It helps me a lot, but I now realise I should have been doing it all my life. Not only is it great for memory, but for unpacking ideas and improving my ability to communicate effectively.


*Note to self— If I'm ever on the witness stand, this article will probably get me thrown out of court.


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